As we celebrate Canada's 150th birthday this July I urge you join me in celebrating the amazing Canadians who make Canada so wonderful. I'll be sending out cards for the entire month of July to put a smile on the faces of people who put their heart and soul into our communities across Canada. Please join me as I send cards to fire stations, hospitals, urgent care facilities, volunteer organizations, animal rescues, and several other organizations and individuals who make Canada AMAZING. There's no catch, no gimmick, and no sales pitch. I just want to give back and I'd love for you to join me.

How do I take part?
- Send one or more handmade cards to an organization or individual who makes a difference in your community or anywhere across Canada. Most organizations have their mailing address listed on their website. A little Googling should get you the information you require.
- Print out the card inserts below and place inside of your card with your handwritten message.
- Post a photo of your card and/or you mailing your card to social media using the hashtag #CardsAcrossCanada
- You can also use this badge on your Facebook, Instagram, Blog, or other social media sites to share what you are doing and encourage more people to join us.

Did you receive a card?
First of all, thank you SO much for making Canada the incredible country that it is. I commend you for your contribution to our society. Thank you for being you. I know all the participants in Cards Across Canada would love to see a photo of you with your card, so please post one to social media with the hashtag #CardsAcrossCanada. You make Canada AMAZING.


  1. Wish I had seen this sooner. July is over :-(

    1. I'm just doing mine now - there's no time too late for a handmade thank you card!