Friday, October 10, 2014

Seasonally Scattered Home Decor

Hello friends, and happy Friday! I'm excited for a fun weekend ahead as we have my Dad and stepmom visiting for the Thanksgiving long weekend. We have lots of eating planned, with long walks in the park to work it off. :)

Today's project is one that I made for the display boards at Stampin' Up! Convention this summer.  I love adding cute little touches of stamped decor to my home, especially for the holidays!  
These are so super simple to make.  All I did was emboss each of the images with white embossing powder on some leftover wood blocks (I had surplus from my Undefined refill kits) and then brushed the entire thing with acrylic paint.  Before the paint dried, I took a dry rag and wiped the entire block.  This removed some paint from several areas, especially the embossed image.  I left them to dry overnight and they're done!  

Happy Stampin'
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  1. I learned something cool in my art class this week. If you dilute a non-water soluble acrylic paint with about 1:1 ratio of water, then paint over a resist (such as embossing powder, wax or oil pastel), then rinse the item under warm water, lightly rubbing over the embossed areas. The pigment will only stick to the work surface that does not have a resist on it! You could do some really neat stained wood with a combination of your techniques and this. :D Love them!