Friday, September 26, 2014

Stampin' Up! Getaway Vacation to Washington, DC

Hi friends!  Greetings from Washington, DC!  I am having an absolutely amazing time with my friend Melody!  
This city is fabulous.  Today we walked over 15 miles….yes, miles.  Do the math.  Ouch.  To say that we were ambitious is perhaps an understatement.  But wow we saw a lot.  Check it out:
This was actually taken on the night we arrived.  We were eager to see the White House so we headed down there pretty much as soon as we were finished dinner.  I even saw Obama.
We are buds now.
Then we walked down to get a peek at the Washington Monument at night too.  So pretty.
Today we were up bright and early as we wanted to do SO many things.  First stop was some food.  Check out this amazing room Stampin' Up! has booked for our breakfasts.  Whoa!
This whole hotel is stunning actually.  Stampin' Up! spoils us.
Then we were off.  Here's our day of sightseeing in a nutshell:
Washington Monument
The Archives
Sculpture Garden 
Sculpture Garden
Natural History Museum
Elephant in the lobby of the Natural History Museum
Hope Diamond
Hey look!  This guy must be a relative of my dog Chapman.  Same amazing ears.  :)
World War II Memorial - with the Washington Monument in the background.
Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool
Inside the Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool
Korean War Memorial
Sunset at the Washington Monument, looking back at the Lincoln Memorial
Capitol Building
After the Capitol Building we were STARVING and went on the hunt for food, and what a hunt it was.  Let's just say that we walked a heck of a lot more.  

We are off to soak our feet.  So much more to see tomorrow.  Thanks so much to Stampin' Up!, my customers, and downline for this amazing trip!

Happy Stampin'

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  1. The weather has been perfect here for your trip and I'm so happy you got to see so much! (And food is one of the hardest things to find downtown, weirdly) I hope your trip continues to be awesome!!

    1. Why is there no where to eat near the tourist attractions and monuments? It's the weirdest thing!

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos. I have never been to the US, but at least I have spent a month in Canada! I'm an Aussie Stampin' Up! demo, love following your blog.

    1. Awe thanks Rachel! You would love Washington. I was thinking it wouldn't be as fun being a Canadian in the US capital, but I was totally wrong. There's so much to do and the city is beautiful.

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  4. Allison, I just wanted to say that your photography is fabulous! Looks like it was a wonderful trip and you captured it beautifully!