Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Undefined - Hand Carved #hashtag

It seems like Monday came and went and I don't know what happened to it.  One minute it was Sunday, and then BAM - Monday night!  I'm pretty sure I can blame the disappearance of Monday on the fact that I cracked open a few Undefined stamp carving kits from Stampin' Up! and got lost in the creativity.  

Stamp carving really brings out my quirky side.  I love that I can create the stamps that I can't buy from Stampin' Up!, but long to have in my collection.  This hashtag stamp is a brand new one I carved on Monday.  I love that it's big and bold and demands attention.  What a great focal image.
Undefined Stamp Carving Kit133402
Stamp carving is so fun.  Please give it a try.  Can't think of anything to carve?  Check out my Undefined Board on Pinterest.  It's full of amazing ideas.  Everything from a t-bone steak to a puppy dog.  :)

Happy Stampin'


  1. did you put crystal effects on the hash tag? It's cute! :)

  2. Hi Melody! :)

    Yes, I did put Crystal Effects on the hash tag. It really makes it pop don't you think?! I LOVE that stuff. It adds a shiny awesome touch to nearly everything.