Monday, April 7, 2014

UNDEFINED: Carve your own stamps for unique notecards!

I am a stamp carving junkie enthusiast.  I love carving stamps that are a little offbeat or sometimes just plain weird.  Are these ones weird?  They're not to me, but then again my husband and I are both Chefs, so these are my 'foodie' stamps.  

When I was designing these stamps I wrote down a few cute sentiments that I knew I wanted to incorporate into my notecards.  Enter this little baby:
I bought this vintage typewriter specifically for making my own sentiments to go with my Undefined stamps.  Plus I just love the tap tap tap of the little keys.  :)

Let yourself get carried away with the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit and create some stamps that are weirdly special to you.  I love my foodie stamps, and I hope you do too!

Have an amazing Monday, and thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stampin' 


  1. Oh my gosh! So cuuuute....and cleaver. OOPs I mean the typewriter!!!

  2. Oh Mallory! A girl after my own heart! Now I want to carve a cleaver. :)

  3. Thanks again for sending me a set of these fantastic cards. I'm one lucky girl! :)

  4. You're so welcome Melody! Had to share my favourites with someone who I knew would appreciate them as much as me. XO