Wednesday, February 19, 2014

UNDEFINED - Hand Carved Candy Character Stamp

A little while ago my friend Anne Granger from Ontario asked me if I would carve an M&M character stamp for her.  Well yesterday I had a crafting date with a friend so I spent some time carving stamps and finally carved this one for Anne.
The Undefined Kit from Stampin' Up! makes stamp carving a breeze, plus it's SO fun to see your creation come to life! 
I had done some test stamping as I was perfecting the carving, so I had a bunch of little characters stamped that I just couldn't throw out.  So I coloured them in and turned them into cards.  I think I might carve a little candy dude for myself!  He's just so adorable!

I hope Anne likes him too!
Happy Stampin'

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  1. He is SO stinkin' cute!!!! I am a fellow M&M lover/addict myself and he is just soooo adorable Allison! Your friend should be very pleased!