Wednesday, January 29, 2014

UNDEFINED - Fabulous Hand Carved Feather Stamps

I love the Stamp Carving Kit, Undefined, from Stampin' Up!, that should be no shocker to anyone.  :)

Over the last 6 months I've done my best to make all my friends, downline, and customers fall in love too.  My Aunt, friend, and downline member Jen Davey carved these AMAZING feather stamps and I am so thrilled to share them with you!
Please leave some comments letting Jen know how much you love her stamps.  :)

Happy Stampin'


  1. you weren't kidding, these stamps ARE amazing!! I've already pinned them, tell her to check it out on the SU! home page.

  2. Wowzers! Jen, your stamps are FANTASTIC! I too have pinned your stamps. You have inspired me and I can't wait until I get my carving kit as I will now have to make a feather set!

  3. Forgot to say my favourite of your feathers is the wider feather on the left. Super cute!!!

  4. Those are unbelievable! Your auntie Jen is a crafting force to be reckoned with. Absolutely LOVE these!

  5. I love these!! Feathers are definitely on my to-carve list now too!

  6. I had entered "feather stamps" into my search engine and got a hit for this post. VERY nice designs!! Love stamping, but don't trust my own skills for carving.

    1. OH! And as read the blog post again, I noticed that the carving talent was done by someone also named Davey. What a coincidence.