Thursday, December 5, 2013

Undefined Hand Carved Stamp - Grumpy Cat Card

Brrrr…it is COLD here in Calgary.  Serious cold.  -28C is our low for today and the high isn't much better at -21C.  Ugh!  I hope wherever you are reading this from that it's much warmer than here.  And if you're one of my fellow Calgarians, I hope you can spend the day curled up under your blankets!  

Today's card was made by my super duper crazy talented stamp carving downline and cousin Sarah.  Don't you just love it!?!  Sarah has an amazing imagination and always thinks of the best stamps to carve.  

It's time to start carving your own stamps too friends.  :)

Stay warm!
Happy Stampin'


  1. I love Grumpy Kitty. I carved a stamp of her and gave it away last year. I think I need to make another.

  2. I also LOVE her HO HO NO. Hilarious.

  3. I need Grumpy Kitty for the cards I make for Frisco Humane Society. There is no way I can carve a stamp. You say, "but you can" I say, "I've tried and tried but failed" This is why I buy stamps from Stampin' Up! :(

    I do love your Grumpy Kitty. Nice Job - ADORABLE!