Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stamped Wrapping Paper w/ Hand Carved Stamps

This Christmas I had a blast creating all my own wrapping paper and tags with stamps I carved with the Undefined Kit from Stampin' Up!  I carved a total of six stamps, including a Grinch face, the word 'Grinch', a snowflake, an ornament, a twirly whirly spiral, and a curly topped tree.  So all of my gifts had a Grinchy flair with big green bows, gloriously green Grinch faces, and quirky and curly Grinch trees.  I so pleased with how everything turned out!
My husband and I stamped what seemed like miles of wrapping paper!
This is just a fraction of the gifts we wrapped for the big day.
This one went to a very special someone.  :)
I am totally 100% addicted to carving my own stamps and I am constantly thinking of new ones to create.  Imagine this all re-invented for a birthday!  My nephew turns 1 in February and I'm told it's a circus theme!  Yippee!  Stay tuned!

Happy Stampin'

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