Thursday, August 8, 2013

UNDEFINED - Stamp Carving - Retro Camping Trailer

Eek!  I'm SO happy with how this hand carved stamp turned out!!!!  I'll admit I was a little nervous to do this one as I thought it might be difficult to carve some of the finer details, but it was much easier than I thought and I think it turned out great!  

I really hope you've enjoyed the hand carved stamps I've shared with you over the last few days, and I hope I've been able to inspire you to try stamp carving with the UNDEFINED kit.  

Undefined Stamp Carving Kit#133402
You can order the UNDEFINED kit (and refills) in 
My Online Store.

Learn to carve your own stamps at my upcoming UNDEFINED Class!
Deadline to register and pay is August 11th, so contact me ASAP!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my hand carved stamps!  I've enjoyed sharing them with you.  I'm sure to carve some more soon as I have a LONG list that I keep adding to!  I'll be back tomorrow with a card I made for my hubby for our anniversary.  Stay tuned!

Happy Stampin'

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