Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leadership 2013 Manager's Reception

While at Stampin' Up! Leadership Conference in Orlando earlier this month, demonstrators with the title of Manager/Counsellor or above were treated to an AMAZING night at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter!  And we had the place to ourselves!  Stampin' Up! spoiled us rotten, check it out!

Me with my travelling buddies Kristine and Kim
The infamous Butterbeer cart!!!!  And the beer was flowing!  As much as a girl could drink!
A sweet and frothy Butterbeer, SO SO good!
Kim and I were trying it for the first time.  It was AMAZING!
The Hogwarts School was truly breathtaking inside and out.  It was a really dark night so it was difficult to get a good picture. 
Ollivander's Wand Shop
Check out all those wizard wands!!!!
It was so fun to shop inside Honeydukes for Chocolate Frogs, Everyflavour Beans, and other Harry Potter treats.
There was SO much food!  SO MUCH!  And it was SO good!
Yummy desserts, check out the cauldron cakes!
Ready for the Hogwarts Express!
We had an out of this world, over the top night being able to experience Harry Potter with only a couple hundred of our closest friends.  We walked on to every ride, no lines!  Now that was cool!  I wish I could get a picture of the Dragon Challenge roller coaster. I went on it!!!  Twice!  Back to back!  Yeah, I think those girls spiked my Butterbeer!  

Thanks for letting me share our amazing night.  It will be one of my fondest Stampin' Up! memories for a long time!  Being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator is rewarding in SO many ways!

Happy Stampin'

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  1. Ohhhh, if I could go back now. I'd do the the coaster 10 more times and THEN have 10 more butterbeers.

    I'm proud of you for tackling the Dragon's Challenge. Even if you'll never go on it again :)