Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet's, Outlets, and TARGET!

What a day!!!!  Stampin' Up! Convention doesn't officially start until tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, so we had all day today to explore!  

We started off the morning with a tour of Sweet's Candy and let me tell you it was AMAZING!!!!  

The tour was SO cool!!!!  Sadly I don't have any pictures to share because it was a photo free factory. But the candy store wasn't!!!!!!

Check out all that salt water taffy!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE salt water taffy!  My favourite is Peanut Butter (which sadly they didn't have), but they had a couple of new finds like Cookie Dough and S'more!  I will admit that I purchased a VERY large bag of of taffy....

After the candy tour we headed out to Park City.  After a yummy lunch at Ruby Tuesday's it was off to the mall for some outlet shopping!  I love outlet shopping!  Not too many great finds today, but it's always fun to look!

Then it was off to TARGET!!!!!  Let's just say the trunk of the car is going to be VERY full on the drive home!  I wasn't the worst offender in the group, but I most certainly contributed my fair share.  :)

Time for bed, Convention starts bright and early tomorrow and I'm excited to see all my Stampin' Up! friends!  

Happy Stampin'

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