Saturday, May 19, 2012

Retirement Sale FAQ

After posting the details of the Buy One Get One FREE Retirement Sale a couple of days ago I've received a ton of questions.  So here's the most common questions and their answers for those inquiring minds.  :)

Q: What stamp sets and accessories are you selling?
A: The easiest answer is you'll have to come and see.  :)  I have SO MUCH to sell.  It would take me forever to compile a list of items for sale, and I just don't have that kind of time.  Sorry. 

Q: I really really really really really want _________ stamp set, punch, paper, etc.  Can you hold it for me until I get there?
A: No.  This is the only way it is fair for everyone.

Q: So if I purchase a retired stamp set for $29.95, I get $29.95 in merchandise credit in the new catalogue.  Do I have to use that on a new stamp set?
A: No.  You may use that merchandise credit on anything in the new catalogue!  Taxes and shipping cannot be paid for with your merchandise credit, they will be extra.

Q: I haven't received my invitation!  Am I not invited?
A: Invitations will be at Canada Post on Tuesday, so you'll have your invitation by the end of next week.  If I don't have your up to date mailing address you may not receive an invite.  If you haven't received it by May 28th, please let me know.

Q: I've never purchased anything from you and I've never attended one of your classes.  Am I welcome to come to the sale?
A: Yes!  You are welcome to join the frenzy at 11am on Saturday, June 2nd.  

Q: We haven't had an opportunity to look at the new catalogue yet!  How are we supposed to pick our catalogue merchandise on the day of the sale?
A: If you are a Stamp Club member you will be receiving your catalogue AFTER our Stamp Club meeting on May 27th.  If you are a June hostess you will be receiving your catalogue the week of May 27th also.  Everyone else is welcome to view the catalogue via the link I will place on my blog the afternoon of June 1st.  So come ready with your list!

Q: Do I have to place my order on the day of the sale?  Or can I think about it overnight and email you the next day? 
A: No, you must place your catalogue order on the day of the sale.  Last year I had over 40 people come to the sale and this year I'm sending out over 100 invitations.  I cannot spend the days following tracking people down for their orders and then writing out their order forms manually myself.  I'd get an overuse injury for sure!

Q: I'm away on the night/day of the sale!!!!  Can I come look at everything before I leave town?
A: No.  I know it can be a heartbreaking event to miss, but it's not fair if I let people come to view and purchase items early.  Maybe we can work something out when you get home.

I hope that answers some of the questions out there!  You can of course contact me with any other questions or concerns you may have.  I look forward to seeing you at the sale!

Happy Stampin'

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