Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Stamping Related, But Still Creative

The other day when I mentioned that cupcakes isn't something that I'd never really done when I worked as a Pastry Chef in the industry I got a few emails asking me what kind of things I did make when I worked in the restaurant.  Most of what I did was menu planning, including the creation and implementation of new dessert items for two restaurants and a banquet menu.  Basically, I created desserts for an upscale casual restaurant, a fine dining restaurant, and small scale banquet space.  The fun part was working to create new menu items as the seasons changed and the availability of ingredients changed.  I also especially loved making wedding cakes.  I often get asked why I don't work in the industry anymore and it really just comes down to quality of life.  Working 14+ hours a day, 6 days a week, does not a happy marriage make.  So we made some changes.  :)

Although I spent very little of my time making cakes, those are the most interesting pictures to show you.  So in the interest of satisfying inquiring minds, these are some of the fun things I have made:
40th Birthday Golf Theme Cake
Black and White Damask Wedding Cake
White on White Wedding Cake with Lavender Bow
Christmas Wedding Cake with Blown and Pulled Sugar Details
Thanks for letting me share.  I'll be back to the regular stamping related postings tomorrow.  I hope I've satisfied your curiosity.  :)



  1. Wow Allison! Those are all stunning! You have some serious talent there.

  2. Okay, those blown sugar balls are to die for.

  3. Okay I"m hiring you to make my next wedding cake and i'm going to get married at Christmas so I can have that sugar one!! LOL