Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ribbon Organizer - Check!

Finally!  A ribbon storage solution I'm happy with!  I've tried many, let me tell you.  Those ribbon boxes where you pull out the ends, nightmare.  The paper towel dispenser like dowel thing, horrid.  A drawer to throw everything into never to be seen again, not exactly a storage solution, more like a storage abyss.  And now, the fabulous luxury of this PERFECT shelf!  
This is actually a picture shelf from Ikea that is super skinny and long.  I guess you are supposed to mount it on the wall and then place your framed art on the shelf.  I think they'd make more money marketing this as a ribbon shelf quite honestly.  I don't really get the intended concept for it.  Nevertheless, it's the perfect solution to all my ribbon hoarding nightmares.  That really is a lot of ribbon isn't it?  I should really get creating...

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  1. Love it! We have one of those shelves in J's nursery for his art - it looks fabulous, but now I'm going to be wanting to steal it every time I walk in there! :)