Friday, January 20, 2012

Leadership 2012 - end of Day 2 & some of Day 3

Oh my goodness I just have SO much to share with you!  I left off my last post with the end of organized events on Day 2, but I HAVE to tell you about our fabulous dinner too!  We walked a few blocks to a restaurant called Rosario's.
WOW!  It was amazing!!!  If you are ever in San Antonio you have to go here!  The chips and salsa on the table were out of this world.
I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat, so I was excited when the waitress said we could get bits of whatever we wanted from each menu item...I had a little bit of everything as you can see...
Oh those fish tacos.....I will dream of them for many months and years to come.  And I was lucky enough to share this awesome dinner with my travelling BFF's.
Christine, Me, Lisa, Rose, Kristine, Kim
After dinner we went for a stroll on the River Walk and happened upon something pretty marvelous.  Ty Pennington and the Extreme Home Makeover team were shooting an episode!  It was funny to see that everything was all decorated for Christmas and there was even a Christmas river boat parade.  I guess this episode is for next season.  So much for the 'reality' of reality tv.  :)
I assume the home was given to a member of the military as there were many many boats filled with military personnel.  It was super cool.  But after that we were off to bed as day 3 started early.  :)

Day 3 was filled with more fun!  We were up and ready to rock bright and early.  This is Christine and I (after our coffees had kicked in!)
We started the day with a HILARIOUS presentation from Scott Nielsen the Chief Financial Officer of Stampin' Up!  Oh my word!  He is AMAZING!  The first part of his presentation was a take on the Mr.Roger's television show.  We were rolling in the aisles laughing!
Speedy Delivery even showed up!  Oh this was so fun!
Oh, and Scott gave us presents too. :)

The afternoon was filled with classes to help us with our businesses.  I chose classes that were specific areas I feel I need to work on, remember I'm doing this 'My Way' after all. ;)

Oh, and THE MOST exciting news!!  Check this out...
And check out my winnings!

I've got tons more to share from the display boards, the Stampin' Up! displays, closing general session, and our adventure with the river rat (yes, you read that right, we had a run in with a rat, I barely survived).  More tomorrow...

Happy Stampin'