Friday, December 23, 2011

Neighbor Gifts

Every year there are a group of neighbors that exchange home made gifts.  Last year I was on my way to Las Vegas after working many many days straight and was embarrassed to exchange a DVD and microwave popcorn.  I know, horrifying.  So this year I thought I better make up for last year with a selection of baked goods for each household.  My Digital Studio came to my rescue as well for some quick and easy tags for each item, as well as a postcard for the outside of the packaging.  I used the Very Merry Twenty-Five Designer Tags Download.  At only $4.95 it was well worth the price!  And the best thing about digital downloads?  You order them and then download them instantly for immediate use! 
I simply printed them off and cut them out!  Can't get much easier than that!  

And the finished product I'll packaged for delivery...
I hope you are all ready for Christmas.  I still have some wrapping to do, but other than that things are taken care of.  

Happy Stampin'

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