Friday, December 9, 2011

December Stamp Club Projects

So did I have you confused too?  I guess the other day when I posted a little blurb about how much fun I had at Stamp Club some people thought that the project I showed that day (the Pencil Box and Card) was from our club meeting.  Nope!  This month was ALLL about the Shaker Frames!  I seriously cannot get enough of these things!  I love thinking of new cards and scrapbook pages I can use them on.  I think they'd be super cute on a New Year's page with glitter and stars inside too!  Here's some close ups of the shakers we did:
The snowmen from the Holiday Lineup stamp set looks cute and frosty with a sprinkling of Mica Flakes and Silver Glass Glitter.

It's easy to create a heart shaped shaker with the Full Heart Punch.  Just cut your largest shaker frame in half and wrap it around the edge of your punched out window!  

 My favourite card of the day was this vintage gumball machine made using the Something Sweet stamp set.  With the right colour choices and a little bit of sponging a 'regular' stamp set can take on some vintage flair!

I will be starting a new round of Stamp Club in April (or possibly sooner), so if you'd like to join us, please contact me and I'll put you on the list of new members!  I promise you one night a month of fun creating and socializing!  We always have a blast!

Happy Stampin'

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