Sunday, November 6, 2011

Carrots, and beets, and beans, and cauliflower OH MY!

There is nothing as tasty as home grown vegetables.  My family in Edmonton all have beautiful big pieces of property where they grow lots and lots of veggies, so last weekend when we were up there we loaded up with the last of the season leftovers and headed back to Calgary.  
Garden fresh carrots have got to be THE best thing around.  And my Auntie Susie always makes these AMAZING spicy pickled carrots, so this year we thought we would give it a try.  Well, one thing I learned is that no matter how crappy you are feeling (and I was and still am feeling very under the weather) the veggies will wait for no one.  When it's time to process them, it's time, and you better be ready!  
After many many hours of peeling and chopping we have 9 jars beets, 5 jars cauliflower, 4 jars beans, and 13 jars carrots!  That's 31 litres of pickled yummies!  Now the hard part will be letting them sit and pickle before cracking into the jars!!!!

I hope you had a productive weekend and enjoyed one extra hour of sleep (don't forget to turn your clock back!).  I've got my Stamp Club ladies coming today and my house is STILL decorated for Halloween so I better get moving.  This whole being sick thing has really messed up my week!  I don't have time to lay around feeling crappy!  

Happy Stampin'

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