Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thank you for your support

Earlier this year I did a cardmaking campaign to raise money for earthquake victims in Japan.  And with your help and support I was able to send $1700.  My husband's best friend, Kensuke, has been volunteering in some of the most devastated areas, so we gave him the money to pass along to a family who could use it.  
Mrs. Matsuda and Kensuke reading the card I enclosed
Kensuke with Mr. & Mrs. Matsuda
The Matsuda's neighborhood
On the day of the earthquake Mrs. Matsuda had gone shopping and her husband came home from work early to find she wasn't home.  There were tsunami warnings to leave the area to go to higher ground, so Mr. Matsuda, along with two of his friends, all got in their respective vehicles and started to drive away from the coast.  There were many people gathering on top of a hill outside of town and one of Mr.Matsuda's friends decided that this is where he would wait out the tsunami.  Mr. Matsuda and his other friend continued driving until there was a fork in the road where they parted ways and Mr. Matsuda continued driving so he could get as far away from the coast as possible.  Mr. Matsuda has never heard from his two friends ever again.  Mr. & Mrs. Matsuda were reunited after the earthquake and are now without a home, but they are so thankful to be alive.  So many of their friends and family are no longer with us, so they feel very blessed to have escaped safely.

Kensuke has told us that they are very thankful for the money that was raised and feel so honoured to have received it.  They told him that it made them feel very loved that people as far away as Canada were thinking of Japan and doing something to help.

Kensuke continues to volunteer in the most devastated areas of Japan in hopes that it will speed up the rebuilding process as well as inspire others to volunteer their time as well.  He has quit his job to dedicate his time to volunteering.  He is doing what so many people only say they'd like to do.  We are so proud to call Kensuke our friend.

Thanks for letting me share.  And thanks to all of you who donated your time and money to help.


  1. That is so awesome Allison! I'm so proud of you and what you fundraised. I can't believe I spoke to you twice yesterday and forgot to say how proud I am!!

  2. So amazing Hy was able to physically give the money to a family in need! Very proud of you too!