Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Convention Swaps

Oh I am a whole bunch of crazy!  Just when I finished up the 225 swaps I did for some organized swapping events at Convention, I decided that I better make 100 more for some 'general swapping'.  I started on this design this morning, and with the trek to Convention beginning on Tuesday morning, I don't have much time!  Hmmmm...what WAS I thinking?!? 

When you're at Convention the buzz in the air is so intoxicating that you couldn't possibly imagine not being a part of that year after year.  And a big part of that buzz is the swapping.  So although I may be crazy, I'll be in the centre of all that fantastic, intoxicating, Convention swapping buzz.  My own personal heaven on earth!  :)

What to come with me next year?  There's an amazing SALE on the Starter Kit this month, you can check those details out HERE.

2011-2012 Ribbon Share details HERE.  Some ribbon shares have already been ordered, and the remainder will be ordered on Sunday, July 10th.  You must be signed up and paid in full by this date.

Have a great day!  
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