Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cards for the Vet

Last night I spent some time stamping these cards to deliver to the local veterinary office.  It's always so horribly sad when someone loses a pet, so I made these cards for the office to send out to show that they care. 
They are very simple and in muted colours, appropriate for the occasion I think.  When I was making these I couldn't help but think of when our dog Chapman was attacked by another dog and we thought we might lose him.  It was an awful time.  We love him so much, our life would be less full without him in it for sure.
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  1. These are a great idea Allison! We had to put our dog down last August and it was sooo sad. I'm sure the families who receive these cards will appreciate the work that went into them and hopefully make them feel a bit better.