Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy Little Bee!!!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm here, and I'm busy!  Sorry for posting so late in the day, and I might as well say sorry in advance for any blog postings I miss in the next little while.  I'm busy making cards for my fundraising for Japan.  With the help of some FABULOUS friends, I've made over 100 cards and have the pieces ready to assemble another 100. 
We've raised over $1500 dollars so far!  And yes, that is A LOT of cards!  But it's worth every moment I spend making them.  The donations will mean so much to whomever receives them.  Once the nuclear situation is under control (and we are praying that happens very soon) we are going to ask my brother-in-law if he knows of a family, school, or hospital that was affected by the earthquake and tsunami who could use some financial assistance.  I know that there are so many people in need, it breaks my heart. 

I will make cards as long as the donations keep coming in, so if you would like to help the people of Japan, or would just like some pretty cards, please contact me and I will get working on your order.  Cards are $5 each, with all proceeds (the full $5) going to the relief effort in Japan.  You can read my original blog post about this fundraiser HERE.

Thank you for your support.  It really means the world to me.


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  1. No aplolgy necessary Allison! You are doing something far more important than updating a blog right now! I'm so excited for the succes you've had with this effort and honored to be able to call such a kind and thoughful person my friend. You are emboding the Stampin' Up! spirit right now...great job!