Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a fabulous day!

Oh my!  Yesterday was AMAZING!  I had such a great time!  This is truly the best job I've EVER had!  I had 7 little girls and their moms for the Kids Valentine Class in the morning.  All set up and ready to go...

Of course I didn't think to take any 'during' or 'after' pictures, but let me tell you, those little girls are the cleanest crafters!  I'm sure their Mom's there to tell them to work tidy played a part.  :)  It was such a great morning!  Now I can't wait for the Build-a-Bear Class!  (more details soon)
So in the afternoon it was off to Airdrie for my Chicks and Cupcakes Workshop at Melanni's house.  I met some fantastic ladies and we had a blast stamping and punching and BIG SHOTing the afternoon away.  As promised, I brought cupcakes...

Chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream and a mashmallow on top!  They were yummy!

Now off to go look at a new cell phone...iPhone 4, here I come!!!

Happy Stampin'

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  1. wow looks like you had a busy day!!! those cupcakes look yummy too! Love all your MDS stuff, i think I need to get it now!