Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News from Nashville!

Hi Everyone! 

After much panic and last minute re-arranging, I am in Nashville at Stampin' Up! Leadership!  When I returned home from work on Tuesday night there was a message from the airline that my flights for the following day had been cancelled!  By a stroke of luck and some pleading with the airline by one of my companions we were re-booked to fly, but about 8 hours ahead of schedule! 

We left on Tuesday at midnight, and I'm JUST here now.  It was a long haul, but TOTALLY worth it!  I haven't even opened my suitcase, but I'm hoping that I remembered to bring the essentials!  I was packing while on hold with the airline for almost 3 hours, so hopefully my multi-tasking was effective.  I know I have my swaps and I'm pretty sure I have enough underwear, everything else can be purchased in my opinion! 

We flew all night so I'm totally beat.  I'm going to have a quick nap and then get ready for the events this evening.  I'll try to post tonight when I get back, but I may be a walking zombie by then!  Good luck to all those demos who are still trying to get here with delayed and cancelled flights. 

Happy Stampin'

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