Monday, November 1, 2010

My Birthday Dinner

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me for my birthday yesterday!  I had a nice relaxing day with my husband, followed by an amazing dinner he made for me, topped off with a birthday cake a la Angela! 
Mmmmm....greek salad, no olives.  Just how I like it!

Grilled lamb rack w/ lyonaise potatoes & au jus....I am drooling looking at this picture!

Chocolate cake w/ chocolate icing & candy corn!  How festive!

I'm a very lucky girl, with a fabulous group of friends and family! Thanks everyone!

Happy Stampin'

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  1. wow, amazing dinner!!! glad you had a nice day! :) Welcome to your "20's".... ;)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. I didn't know your birthday was on Halloween, now I'll always remember. Hope all was awesome. The food looks sooo good. Wishing you happiness always.