Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Convention Day 3

Well, it was another rise and shine early morning!  Note to self: stay in a hotel that has a Starbucks in the lobby!  hee hee...

General Session this morning was tailor made for me!  It was totally focused on Halloween and Christmas!  Ok, I know that lots of people like those holidays, but I LOVE, ADORE, and LONG FOR these holidays all year!  There was an amazing selection of Halloween projects presented, including a haunted house, pumpkins with decor elements, a skeleton banner, and some luminaries. 

Spooky Spectacular!!!!

The Christmas projects were so cute!  I LOVE the new Stampin' Up! fabric!  Yes, I said FABRIC!!!!

Wait until you see the projects Shelli did the following day, they use fabric in ways you could never imagine!

And look at this beautiful Simply Adorned necklace charm!

After General Session I headed to the Gathering Place to eat lunch and browse the display boards.  I literally took hundreds of photos of cards and scrapbook pages that I can use for ideas in the coming months.  There are so many talented Stampin' Up! demonstrators, I am in awe of how awesome everyone is!  These are a few of my favourites!

In the afternoon we headed to some classes with great business building tips to help us grow our business and offer excellent customer service.  The classes were awesome! 

We headed to the Gateway mall after the convention where I was in dire need of a new memory card for my camera...yes, I took that many pictures!  I had to settle on this weird little tiny card that's for cell phones, but the adapter case thing worked in my regular camera so I could take pictures o'plenty the next day as well! 

You won't want to miss the excitement of the last day of convention, so check back here again tomorrow!

Happy Stampin'


  1. whoa...wait...they have fabric now?? you just blew my mind...LOL

  2. Fabric?! How do you order it?!

  3. The fabric will be available for purchase on September 1st!!! The patterns are beautiful, and I promise you're going to LOVE them! What's totally awesome is that they are selling EXTRA WIDE FAT quarters. So take the size of fabric you can usually buy from craft type stores and make it about 25% bigger! I'm so pleased Stampin' Up! has added this amazing product!

    If you don't already receive the mini catalogue from me, please email me your snail mail address and I'll be sure that you get one. (nicepeoplestamp@hotmail.com) Mini catalogues will arrive at your door at the end of August.

  4. Halloween & Christmas??? I'm in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to all the fun new projects ahead for them.....