Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas Wish Lists

Hi Everyone!

I have a very exciting Christmas Wish List registry that I'll be rolling out this week. 

Simply make a wish list of your favourite Stampin' Up! items and email them to me.  I'll take your list and compose a fun and funky web page where your friends and family can view your list, shop online, and have items delivered in plenty of time before the holidays.  Won't it be nice for all those husbands and boyfriends, Moms and sisters to get their Christmas shopping done from the comfort of their office or home...oh, and they can be confidant you'll love their gift, because you picked it out! 

Email me your wish list today so I can help you receive all the Stampin' Up! stuff you've been wishing for!

Happy Wishin'


  1. Not at all!!! I've just started this week and I'll be running this program until the middle of December. Get those wish lists ready!!!